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Do you want to get exceptional returns from the US stocks markets. Please join our webinar to hear about Sequity Advisors S – curve mid cap investing strategy which has been generating 29% returns in the last decade and 43% in the last 5 years for investors. Please register here

Our performance in the last few years

Did you know that the US equity indexes has beaten every other global index in the last decade and over the past five years  given 92% gain in the S&P 500, crushing the world benchmark’s 64%, the widest gap since 1970.  Blackstar Funds reviewed the historical distribution of 8,000 stocks trading on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ over 23 years (1983-2006). The results – 

25% of all stocks were responsible for all of the gains

Only 6% of stocks performed significantly 500% or more.

S-curve Investing Strategy
Historical distribution of stock performance

Sequity Advisors helps investors who want to invest in the US stock markets to pick the best mid caps with its S curve investing strategy and generate significantly better returns than most other stock investments in the past decade. We have generated 43% yoy in the last 5 years and 29% in the last decade for investors in the US markets. Please visit sequityadvisors.com and see our recent webinar on how this strategy has helped our clients generated exceptional returns.

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“Delivering superior returns in the last decade for Retail investors in US markets”

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